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I'm giving away Levina old enchantix for free, it will come with wings: Enchantix was taken by: rebecca0105

also so im sell this MW design: the one in the LEFT not the one on the right with the two different colors, also this doesn't come with wings or shoes. I don't know what I did with this file so that y I'm linking you to the pic and not uploading a separate one: for 20points…

if you are a know theft I will Not let you have the design


Sallie Swimsuit by artfan1298
Sallie Swimsuit
Next outfit for Sallie is sleepwear, also class just started back so that's why I won't be posting that many stuff :D

Art by me
Sallie owned by me
Sallie Forest Outfit by artfan1298
Sallie Forest Outfit
Before you ask yes her Forest Outfit is a dress, Sallie will NOT wear pants or shorts she only wears dresses or skirts. :D

Art by me
Sallie owned by me
    Levina started spinning around the room in her new dress. "Can you believe the dance is today, I'm so excited." "You have been saying that all day" Sara laughed as she was working on Sallie hair. "Besides it's just a dance, nothing special." Apirl said. "Nothing special!!" Levina said. "I LOVE dances, the beautiful dresses, the music, and of course the guys." "Oh, no here we go" Sara said finishing up Sallie hair. "Whats so special about a dance" April said. "Don't ask her that." Sara said. "Well, a oracle told me that I would meet my soulmate at a dance and we will be together forever after that." Levina said dancing around the room. "Really." April said rolling her eyes. "I know I'm finally going to meet him tonight." Levina said. "That's what you said the last time we went to a dance, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the ...." Sara said teasing Levina. "This time is different" Levina said. "So you think your going to meet a Prince tonight and he is going to whisk you off your feet then you'll get married" April said. "Okay, first I not just going to marry someone I just meet and second what makes you think you think he will be a prince." Levina said. "Well your a Princess right, isn't that the only man you want to marry is a Prince or someone royal." April said. "Of course not, I don't care if he is a Prince or not I don't care about that kind of stuff. I wouldn't care if I found out he was the poorest man is the universe." Levina said. "Wow, I'm impressed." April said. "Wait for it" Sara said. Then Levina said "The only thing I care about is if he is HOT!!" "Should have know" April said. "You know Levina there is more to a guy then his looks." Arianna said coming out of her room. "I know but if your not attracted to the guy it doesn't matter what his personality is like." Levina said "Besides if I'm correct your the only one of us that has a boyfriend and if I'm also correct he is very attractive." "Well, I don't know if we are officially dating yet, we only went on a few dates." Arianna said. "Girl, you both text each other all day long, your going to the dance with him, and tomorrow your going an another date with him, You are definitely dating." Levina said. "And you guys are so cute together." Mandie said coming out of her room. "You think" Arianna said blushing. "YES!!" Everyone yelled. "I'm not the only one who got invited to the date by some guy." Arianna said looking at Sallie. Sallie blushed and said. "Well Danny did ask me out to the dance." "Really why didn't you tell us." Mandie said. "Looks like a new couple in the making" Levina said making Sallie blush even more. "Also I heard a certain boy named Mark will be there" Levina added nudging Sara. Sara blushed and said "I .. um I know" "Wait WHO is Mark." Sallie said. "No one" Sara said blushing some more. "Mark is a Prince that Sara has hada crush on like forever." Levina said. "He is just my Father's friend's son nothing more." Sara said. "I can't wait to meet Mark." Sallie said. "Tonight might be the night." Levina said nudging Sara again. "Enough Levina, besides we need to get ready." Sara said and with that the girls finished getting ready then headed to the ballroom. 

    The boys walked into the ballroom and Cato looked around. "I wonder where Arianna and the girls are at?" Cato said. "So we get to finally meet your girlfriends, I wonder if she is pretty" Alex said. "I wonder if she is real" Jonathan said rudely but jokingly. Cato ignored Jonathan and said "She is beautiful". "Well you guys can wait here, I see many lovely lady that need my attention." Jonathan said before going over to a group of girls who were gawking and blushing at him.  "I don't understand why girls like him so much, he's a player." Aaron said. "Well I think...." Alex continued the conversation with Aaron as Mark ignored them, he was to concerned with finding a certain girl. He continued to look around until he saw her. She was as beautiful as always. She had long dark brown hair with blue eyes and she was wearing a stunning yellow and black dress. "Sara" Mark called out.

    Sara turned when she heard her name and saw Mark, Her heart started to pound. Sara and the rest of the girls walked over to Mark and the boys he was with. "H... Hi Mark." Sara said blushing. Levina came up behind her and looked at the boys with Mark. "Hey Mark, who are the cute boys with you ." Before Mark could replay his best friend Aaron walked over to Levina and said "You my dear are the most Gorgeous girl I ever meet." "Are you trying to use a line on me?" Levina said with her eyebrow raised. "No, I'm just stating the truth." Aaron said with the most sexist smile Levina has ever seen. "Your such a liar but your cute,so I'll let it past." Aaron and Levina continued to flirt with each other while the rest of the group ignored them.

    "Arianna there you are." Cato said walking up to Arianna. "So this is Arianna" Mark said. "Wait, you know Cato?" Sara asked Mark. "Yea we are on the same squad." Mark replied. "Well you girls have alright meet Cato and kind of meet Aaron this is Alex." Mark said pointing to the curly brown haired boy behind him. "And well Jonathan is somewhere, ... You might meet him later." "These are the girls I'm rooming with Mandie, Sallie, April, and of course you meet Arianna and Levina. Aaron interrupted the introductions and asked "If you girls don't mind, I'd love to with this beautiful girl." "They defiantly won't mind." Levina said not even talking her eyes off of Aaron. Sallie looked around then asked "Hey Cato where is Danny? "Uh, yea I forgot. He sprained his ankle today and couldn't make it to the dance." Sallie looked disappointed "Oh." "But he really wanted to come, especially cause of you." Cato said. This made Sallie blush. "Oh Cato I love this song can we dance?" Arianna said taking Cato out to the dance floor.

    Alex couldn't stop looking at Mandie. She is so pretty He thought. Alex took a deep breath and worked up enough courage and turned to Mandie "Uh, ah W .. Would you like to dance?" Mandie blushed she defiantly thought he was cute. "I'd love to." Just as Alex and Mandie went to the dance floor Jonathan came over to the group and spotted Sallie. "Well, well hello there beautiful." The boy with jet black hair said to Sallie. "I'm Jonathan, Would you like to dance." He said with a smile. Sallie noticed this guy earlier as he was flirting with almost every girl at the dance, but she didn't want to be left out of the dance so she accepted. "Okay" She said with a little frown. 

    A boy with short blond hair came up to April and asked "Um, do you want to dance." April look around she thought he was talking to someone behind her. "Oh, me sure yea." April went to the dance floor and awkwardly dance with the blond boy. "It's just us two, so Sara do you want to dance." Mark asked as he held his breath waiting on her answer. Sara blushed and said. "YES, um yes." I hope that didn't sound desperate. Sara thought. They dance for five minutes when a slow long came on. OMG Sara thought We are so close together, maybe Levina is right. Maybe tonight might be the night. Mark started to lean closer to Sara when all of the sudden an explosion created a hole in the wall. 

    A women with long navy blue hair appeared through the smoke. "Well, well did I miss any thing." She said. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Headmistress Sullivan said. "I'm Marama and I'm here for the party of course, I just love ruining parties. Now my little pets attack them." Marama commanded her Gnéithe Snakes to attack everyone at the party. 

    Two girls in black cloaks with a hawk walked into the Headmistress's office. "Where is the secret library." The second mystery cloaked girl said. They looks around the room and the first cloaked girl said. "Here it is behind the mirror, we just did to use a spell to get in." They used a spell to open the door to the secret library. "Hey what are you doing in here!?" said Professor Lavender stepping into the room. The first cloaked girl looked at the hawk on her shoulder and said "Go and find the book, We will deal with her." kee-eeeee-arr  The hawk flew into the secret room and the cloaked girls turned turns Professor Lavender. 

    The Gnéithe Snakes started their attack. "Snakes why does it have to be snakes." Levina said terrified. The boys stepped in front of the girls. "We'll take care of this." Alex said. "We're going to fight with you." Arianna said. "Yes that's right, let's go girls." Sara said. "Magic Winx" the girls yelled than transformed. The Gnéithe Snakes surrounded the group. "Ehh, gross get away Thunder Raid." Levina said attack three of the monsters. One monster hissed and wrapped his tail around Levina. "Aaah" Levina screamed. "Let her go" Aaron said running up to the Monster and attacking it. After repeatedly attack monster it finally let Levina go by throwing her into the air, Aaron caught her just in time before she hit the ground. Levina blushed a said "My Hero." "Dark Shadow" April yelled hitting the monster in front of Aaron and Levina "Levina focus, we are in the middle of a battle." Three Gnéithe Snakes surrounded Sara and Sallie. "Are you ready Sallie" Sara said. "Ready" They both yelled "Shooting Star, Wind slash" getting ride of all three of them. More Monster surrounded the Mandie and Arianna. "Mandie can you keep them in place for a second." Arianna said. "Yes, Vine wrap" Mandie said wrapping vines around the monster to keep them in place. "Good Water Geysers" Arianna said attacking them. "Their are too many of them, what are we going to do." Levina said. "Don't worry we got this." Mark said with a worried look on his face. "Their sending back up from red fountain, we just need to hold on a little longer." Cato said. 

    Back at the Headmistress's office, the two cloak girls stood over the unconscious Professor. "Haha, That was too easy." The first cloaked girl said. 
kee-eeeee-arr The hawk flew to the cloak girls holding a book. "Good you found it, now go tell Marama that we got it." The first Cloaked girl said. kee-eeeee-arr hawk said flying out of the room. "Now let's go." The girls opened a portal and left. 

    "We can't keep this up." Mandie said exhausted. "Their too strong, even the professor are having trouble." Sara said also exhausted. "They just keep coming, how many of them does she have." Alex said. "Come on boys he have to keep it up." Mark said trying not to look tired in front of the girls. "Yes we have to protect these beuatiful ladies." Jonathan said winking at Sallie. Sallie rolled her eyes and said. "Is this really the time for that." kee-eeeee-arr The hawk flew in the room an landed on Marama shoulder. "Is that a Hawk?" April asked. "Good, they got the book." She said quietly to the hawk "Well it looks like it's time for me to go, I had so much fun. Ta ta" Marama said creating a powerful wind knocking everyone into the wall before leaving with her Gnéithe Snakes. 

    "That hurt." Levina said trying to get up. "Are you ok." Aaron said running over to help Levina up. "I am now." Levina said blushing. "Who the heck was that women and why did she attack us." April said. "Maybe the Headmistress will know." Sara said. The girls looked over and saw the Headmistress talking with the other professors.

    Headmistress Sullivan walked to the center of the room "All right everyone, We must cancel the dance tonight. You all did a terrific job but I know we are all tired. Now please say goodbye to the boys and go to your dorms girl."

    "Aw, I wanted to spend more time with the boys." Levina said. "Don't you mean Aaron." April teased. "Yes." Levina said. The boys walked up to the girls. "Are all you girls ok?" Mark asked. "Yes we are fine, just a little tired." Sara said. "I glad your Ok." Mark said looking at Sara. "Yes, I glad your Oc too Arianna." Cato said hugging his girlfriend. "Boys let's go." Professor Henry said to the specialist. "Uhg, I hate to go but I hope I can see you again Levina." Aaron said. "You defiantly will here." Levina said handing Aaron her number. The boys said their goodbye and the girls went back to their dorm room. 

    "I wonder why that women was here and what she wanted." Sara said sitting on the sofa. "Yes it doesn't make since why she came here" April said. "Who knows, who cares the women is gone." Levina said yawning. "You guys I'm going to bed." Arianna said going into her room. "Me too night." Mandie said following Arianna. Levina started walking into her room when she asked "Sara are you coming?" "Oh, yea in a minute." Sara replayed. I just have a feeling that something is wrong, .... oh well maybe it's nothing. 
Fayix Club (S1) Chapter 6: It all Begins
Finally I got his chapter DONE!!! This chapter is called it all begins because this is the chapter when the main evil plot starts :D For Marama "Pets" Gnéithe means Element in Irish, or at least that's what it said the first time I put it through google translate. Now it says Gnéithe means features ........ I'm not sure what happened there but whatever I might change it later I just can't come up with a good name for them. So yea their basically Elemental snakes. XD

Story and Oc by me

Chapters for Season one:

Chapter one: Accepted to Alfea 
Chapter two: Meet the Fayix Club 
Chapter Three: Forest Trip
Chapter Four: Beach Day
Chapter Five: Monster Transformation
Chapter six: Currently on

Chapter Seven: Nightmare Dream (Coming at some point) 


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Sara and Sallie Chibis were made by the awesome C-Lana

Storyies I'm working on:
Fayix Club Chapter 6: 0%

All of my OCs:

Generation 1:
(Fayix CLub)
:bulletyellow:Sara Fairy of Stars
:bulletgreen: Mandie Fairy of Nature
:bulletblue: Arianna Fairy of Water
:bulletpurple: Sallie Fairy of Winds
:bulletblack: April Fairy of Darkness
:bulletred: Levina Fairy of Thunder
:bulletwhite: Isanne Fairy of Ice

Generation 2:
Jinnix Club (happens 4 years after G.1)
:bulletred:Blixt Fairy of Cataclysm
:bulletpink:Cherry Fairy of Health and Love
:bulletorange:Ayala Fairy of Anaimals
:bulletyellow:Serenity Fairy of Light
:bulletpurple:Nova Fairy of Space
:bulletgreen:Jennifer Fairy of Cinema and Theater
:bulletblue:Charmeine Fairy of Harmony

Generation 3:
Sylphix (happens at the same time as G.1)
:bulletblue: Janet Fairy of Snow
:bulletgreen: Lott Fairy of Growth and Size
:bulletwhite: Odelia Fairy of Ancient Magic
:bulletpink: Gala fairy of Life
:bulletred: ? Fairy of Fire

Generation 4:
Tractix Club
:bulletwhite: Melphomeme Fairy of Inspiration and Arts
:bulletpink: Caroline Fairy of Emotions
:bulletpurple:Sharina Fairy of Hypnosis
:bulletblue:Callie Fairy of Moonlight
:bulletorange: Zabrina fairy of Sand

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Witches G.1:
:bulletgreen: Laentina: Witch of Acid 
:bulletred: Adena: Witch of Fire
:bulletpurple: Kamila Witch of Shape Shifting
:bulletblue: Cassandra Witch of nightmare

Witches and Sorcerer Against G.2:
:bulletblack: Nathaniel "Maddox" Shadow Sorcerer of Shadows
:bulletpurple: Amura Witch of Eclipse
:bulletblack: Selena Witch of Darkness
:bulletred: Alicia Dark fairy of Black Fire
:bulletblue: Audra Witch/Fairy of Storms 

Hex Girls Against G.3:
:bulletgreen: Morta witch of dealth
:bulletred: Calida witch of Volcanic Fire
:bulletpink: Abelia witch of Dark Nature

Total OCs: 36

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Cont. the switch by artfan1298
Surfering the waves by artfan1298
Friends will be there even if you don't want them by artfan1298
Comes with two of your Fairies or two of ur witches or one fairy and one witch


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